The Milonga Ritual

"On my first trip to Buenos Aires, I was spellbound by the atmosphere of the milonga. I felt that I finally found a meaningful cultural ritual which had been sorely lacking from my life prior to that moment. Most intoxicating was my ability to get swept up in that ritual myself, not simply watch it. The culture of tango, while particularly Argentine in its origin, felt like something much bigger, transcendent of national boundaries."

The above is a citation from The Practice section (of the superlative Tango Principles by Artem Maloratsky, a must read for all milongueros!), a comprehensive yet concise description of the practice of tango, with particular focus on the simple and functional principles of the milonga ritual -- the rules, customs, the invitation, tandas and cortinas, the line of dance, the etiquette, the attitude -- that are essential for the practice of tango as a serious art form.