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2010 Videos

The Xmas 2010 Milonga Patamango - Joseph plays a vals on the piano
Sat 18 Dec 2010, 
Nairobi, Kenya

An excerpt of the last Milonga Patamango of the year, on Saturday 18 December 2010, with a mini piano recital by Joseph Ngeso--here he plays the beautiful Bagatelle vals by Peter I. Tchaikovsky for us all to dance to.

This is the first time the fledgling Nairobi Tango community gets the chance to dance to live music--and for a first piece it is certainly a challenging one to dance to! This mini recital also served as the prelude announcing a special Milonga on 19 February 2011 with live Tango music that Joseph (on piano) and Andrew (on cello) will play for us.

Thank you Daniel for the superb shooting of this video... in spite of the really poor lighting!

Xmas 2010 Milonga Patamango - Joseph on piano...

Pat y Mario tango (patamango) demo at Embassy of Argentina's wine-tasting event
Thu 4 Nov 2010, 
Nairobi, Kenya

Pat y Mario dancing to Desde el Alma (vals, by Francisco Canaro's Quinteto Pirincho) as part of an Argentine Tango demo on request of the Embassy of Argentina in Nairobi at the occasion of their Wine-Tasting evening event on Thur 4 Nov 2010. 

This is the 3rd piece danced as part of the evening's Patamango demo, the other 2 being a tango and a milonga. Apologies for the incredible background din from the people tasting the various excellent Argentinian wines on offer -- the space here is one of the conference halls at Village Market in Nairobi, with the sound system's amplifier cutting out whenever the sound energy to output (i.e. the volume) exceeded a certain amount!

Thanks, Hilde, for the video!

Pat y Mario dance at Embassy of Argentina evening

Pat y Mario open La Milonga Patamango 23 Oct 2010, Nairobi, Kenya

La Pat is just off the plane for her second Nairobi visit from Geneva, and for the occasion of her return Ingeborg offers to be the DJ, and requests that Patrizia y Mario open the milonga... she puts on one of Patrizia's favorites, Al Campas del Corazon, Orquesta di Miguel Calo canta Raul Beron.

Pat y Mario open Milonga Patamango