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Introduction to Tango Milonguero

for subsequent series, please check via email: nairobi.tango@patamango.com

Mon 17 Nov to Mon 8 Dec 2014 (4 weeks)
Mon 25 Aug to Mon 15 Sep 2014 (4 weeks)
Mon 7 Apr to Mon 28 Apr 2014 (4 weeks)
Mon 20 Jan to Mon 10 Feb 2014 (4 weeks)
Mon 18 Nov to Mon 9 Dec 2013 (4 weeks)
Mon 30 Sep to Mon 21 Oct 2013 (4 weeks)
Mon 10 June to Mon 1 July 2013 (4 weeks)
Mon 15 Apr to Mon 6 May 2013 (4 weeks)
Mon 5 Nov to Mon 26 Nov 2012 (4 weeks)
Mon 1 Oct to Mon 22 Oct 2012 (4 weeks)
Mon 7 May to Mon 28 May 2012 (4 weeks)
Mon 12 Mar to Mon 2 Apr 2012 (4 weeks)
Mon 23 Jan to Mon 13 Feb 2012 (4 weeks)
Tue 6 Sep to Tue 27 Sep 2011 (4 weeks)
Tue 12 Apr to Tue 10 May 2011 (5 weeks)
Tue 1 Mar to Tue 29 Mar 2011 (5 weeks)
Tue 25 Jan to Tue 22 Feb 2011 (5 weeks)
Tue 16 Nov to Tue 14 Dec 2010 (5 weeks)
Tue 12 Oct to Tue 9 Nov 2010 (5 weeks)

Social tango technique must help you attain specific objectives: It must help you communicate with your partner, stay in the compás, express the sentiment of Golden Age music, and move around the floor efficiently without bothering your neighbors. -- Harmonic Motion - Tango and Chaos

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." -- Chinese proverb

“La pista es mas dura.” -- Old-timers speak

A 4 week course to introduce the fundamental techniques of social tango that are posture and axis, stepping, pivoting, cadence, partner connection and floor navigation. Numerous base figures will be used along the way to establish and strengthen the above fundamental techniques, examples include ochos, corridas, pausing, salidas, cruzadas, and giros. In short, this course introduces you to the improvisational tools of musical expression and navigation that you need to be able to dance in a "milonga" (the place/event where social tango is danced).

For good continuity, depth, and everyone's efficiency, we require that all participating commit to the entire 4 weeks. Anyone recently initiated in the art of Tango Argentino, or anyone who would like a comprehesive reworking of the basics, should do this course. 

Other course details are:

when: 4-week cycle, classes on Mondays from 7:00pm-9:00pm (1h15 class, 0h45 practica).
where: at the IIC, Sala Michelangelo (see Locations).
teacher: Mario.
prerequisite: either completed a Tango Initiation Session (at least once) or otherwise has previous tango experience.
cost participation: 2500/- per person (hardship rate 1000/-) for the full series, to cover hall rental and other related costs.
reservation required: please register, as individual or as a couple, by email to nairobi.tango@patamango.com

Plus, as dancing may only be learned by dancing... you are highly encouraged to practice regularly, and with as many different partners as possible... for this exact purpose we weekly offer La Milonga Patamangothe only Milonga between Cairo and Johannesburg—and you are all highly encouraged to attend, to practice, and to join us on all the fun!

special conditions:
•  No need to sign up with a partner. During the classes we will be changing partners regularly.
•  For good continuity participants must commit to entire series -- the full series is therefore payable in advance.
•  First-timer drop-ins are discouraged but possible -- the first-timer drop-in rate 1000/- per class (no hardship rate for drop-ins).
•  Contrarily, if you have previously worked through the series you are very welcome to join us as your schedule permits and rework through any of the classes -- the second-timer rates are: 1500/- for full series paid in advance, 500/- per drop-in class. Further hardship reduction on these reduced rates is also possible.
•  Payments may be done in advance by m-pesa to 0715 357 507 or in person on first class day.

Intro to Tango Milonguero - IIC, Mon 15 April 2013