Tango Classes on Saturdays: 2:00 pm (Intro) & 3:30 pm (Open)

Introductory Level: every Saturday 2:00 pm - 3:20 am (prerequisite: none) 
Open Level: every Saturday 3:30 am - 4:50 am (prerequisite: 1 year of tango) 

Social tango technique must help you attain specific objectives: It must help you communicate with your partner, stay in the compás, express the sentiment of Golden Age music, and move around the floor efficiently without bothering your neighbors. -- Harmonic Motion - Tango and Chaos

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." -- Chinese proverb

“La pista es mas dura.” -- Old-timers speak

where: ? (currently suspended, new venue to be announced soon -- please call/whatsapp 0715357507 for additional info)
duration: classes are 1h20 long.
punctuality: to respect all others participating, anyone arriving late may be refused participation in the class.
cost participation: a contribution is suggested.
partners: no need to sign up with a partner, during the classes we will be changing partners regularly.
clothes: comfortable, must not constrain leg movement in any way.
shoes: comfortable, preferably leather-soled, but must as a minimum be non-marking. Should not be too sticky to allow easy pivoting but without being too slippery. Ideally should have some heel, anywhere from 4 cm to 10 cm for the ladies, and 2 cm to 3 cm for the gentlemen. Please avoid long'n'pointy shoe styles, as that only complicates stepping in the embrace.

An additional reminder that... dancing may only be learned by dancing... and we offer you a weekly opportunity to practice! You are highly encouraged to come and dance with us at our weekly La Milonga Patamangothe only weekly community Milonga between Cairo and Johannesburg.

Please always check the Nairobi Tango Calendar. For any questions email to nairobi.tango@patamango.com or call 0715 357 507.

West Wood Hotel Garden Area